The complete guide to getting your property winter ready
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EMPTY: garden hoses, and purge in-ground sprinkler lines. Store hoses away from coming snow cover. It is very important to close the water valve running to the outside pipes and taps to avoid freezing.

CHECK: that your doors’ and windows’ seals and caulking are in good condition. If they have changed colour, or are dry or degraded, remove and replace them to prevent heat loss, and cold air infiltration.

REMOVE: your screens to avoid condensation. At the same time, take the opportunity to clean the screens so that they are immediately ready for the next year’s warm weather.

DUST: your electric baseboards, if applicable, to avoid the smell of burning when you first turn them back on for the fall and winter.

CLEAN: filters in your air exchanger, forced air furnace, or other hvac systems, if applicable; and, verify that the exhaust vents are working properly. In the winter months we open doors and windows infrequently, so it will be essential that these are are in efficient working order.

INSPECT: the foundations of your home for any minor cracks which may have appeared. If so, have them sealed or repaired to avoid damaging expansion due to frost and water in sub-zero conditions.

CLEAR: the eavestroughs of any water that may have accumulated in them during the last season: and, at the same time consider removing any autumn leaves or vegetation which may have been captured. This will reduce ice damming the roof, extending the lifespan of shingles, and prevent breaches, and leaks. You will also reduce the opportunity for unsightly sagging due to weight.

ASSESS: the condition of the roof. This is a good time to do this, especially before it is more slippery, and therefore more dangerous to get up high for this assessment.

Prevent issues before they develop, and save avoidable expenses, and the depreciation of your valuable property.

Myself, and your team, at Équipe Mark-André Martel are available if you would like any specific recommendations, or require trusted recommendations for local experts in mitigation, or improvement.

Happy Winter!

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