Setting the Stage for Your Buyers’ Life


Setting the stage for your buyers’ vision for your (soon to be former) home means dropping the curtain on the signatures and sentiments inhabiting the space.
No one is without personal attachments, and deeply felt for pieces and odd ends, when it comes to home. We don’t even see all of them, because they are part of the white noise of the beautiful homes we work so lovingly to create.
While these things are the essential parts of your home, your buyers’ home will not exist without a clean stage, and their own vision.
This is why there is very little that has as much impact on price, and speed of sale, as a great home stager like Marie-Josée Leblanc. Discover a recent project she finished for the sale of a house in Pointe-St-Charles, as well as a couple of other projects completed in the last few months.

The art of seducing by Le Blanc Home Staging…

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