What were the original goals and inspirations that lead to the founding of Montauk Sofa?

Our original goal was to bring our vision of comfort and beauty, through design.

Over the past few decades, what are some of the developments and adaptations that you have undertaken; for example, in manufacturing, locations, retail architecture, changing client needs, etcetera?

We are constantly adapting to the times, and we are attracted to distinct architectural spaces like our Flagship Montréal Showroom. We bring that design ethos to the pieces we create, and we bring those creations to our clients to provide “design anchors” that help to define and enrich their spaces. We do a lot of customization, so the factory adapts with the evolving values of our designers, and of our clients, and their needs.

How have the Montauk ethos and design philosophy evolved over the past decades?

Our ethos and principles remain consistent. Although we are always developing our styles, and imbuing our designs with comfort, our guidelines are set in a foundation of timelessness and quality.

What have you found the benefits, and the barriers, to be, of manufacturing locally?

We really only see benefits in our choice to create and build locally. We have personal relationships with the people we work with, and this is not only beneficial in knowing the needs of our clients, but also in the efficiency with which we can conceive, create, and execute designs. We know our partners’ names and stories. We know them like we know our clients’. We also have quality control and workmanship from masterful local artisans. This expertise and care cannot be matched at a distance.
Besides these “practical” benefits, it is good for the local economy, and circulates and creates wealth amongst our neighbours; this is beneficial for us as all.

Can you tell us about some of the designs and materials you are most excited about for the near future?

We are really excited to bring our indoor comfort outdoors, with our new exterior line. We have been able to develop exciting new exterior lifestyle pieces, with plush seating and rich fabrics.

What do you find unique and interesting in the design values of your Montréal clientele?

There is a subtlety to our clients’ taste. Montréal is a very friendly, approachable city. It has developed an interesting blend of European and Canadian flavours which lends itself to a very youthful, sophisticated clientele, and we are proud to predict and serve their needs and desires.

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GREENPRINT Montauk Sofa MONTRÉAL from GREENPRINT Montréal on Vimeo.

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