Marry the house, Date the rate.


A house is a long-term project. 

Very few owners will tell you that they have failed to see growth over time on their investment in their home. 
The reason is simple: Real estate is one of the most stable, and steadily appreciating asset. 

In recent history, we have observed that even when conditions become more favorable for buyers, finding the right property at the right price can present a challenge. It is therefore important to keep in mind that when buying a house, you are marrying the house but you’re only dating the interest rate.
Although rates have recently risen from an historically long low stretch, and they are currently a little higher for your comfort level, keep in mind that this reality is also true for other buyers. If you can bare the additional burden for the next few months, to, say, a year, you might find yourself with the advantage of shopping for a property while everyone is sitting on the sidelines, resulting in less competition to battle against.

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