Knowledge, expertise and experience: The successful buying process is now a discipline for the professionals.
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Have you been looking for a property with no success?

Have you grown discouraged by the lack of properties available on the market?

Your current property no longer satisfies your needs, but the fear of selling and being unable to buy your next haunts you?

How to ensure a successful buying process?
There was a time when the buying process was five steps:

  1. Deciding to buy
  2. Pulling up Centris
  3. Visiting interesting properties
  4. Making an offer on your choice
  5. Fulfilling the promise to purchase conditions

No more.
In recent years, with prices skyrocketing, and fast-paced bidding wars, many are not making it to the successful end of their buying process.
In 2022’s real estate climate, finding the right property, and making an offer that will be accepted, requires more than a nice intention letter. Getting to the closing requires the mastery of the professional, working in sync with the client.

Knowledge, expertise and experience: The successful buying process is now a discipline to master.
You’ve decided to take the leap and purchase your next property. Very quickly, you’ve come to realize your down payment, and your bank pre-approval are only the most basic footing you require.
Now, more than ever, you will need to partner with a real estate professional with mastery of the secrets and skills, for a chance to win in the current “tournament“ market!
In addition to guidance through all the stages of the process, our steady hand will provide a depth of expertise, experience, and knowledge of the areas you need to know everything about. In lockstep with your needs, we will help you secure your property as you need, where you need.
A buyer specialist at Équipe Mark-André Martel is available to develop and plan your best buying strategy; one tailored to your specific needs.
Cut the anxiety out of your decisions.
You are looking for your future property. We have the tools to help you get it now.

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