Is real estate a good investment today?


With two months to go before the end of the year, we are experiencing a third increase in interest rates.
Should this be of concern to the Montréaler.
Is it still wise to invest in real estate?
The experts remain unanimous: Yes!

Any real estate project requires long term planning. Long gone are the days of the flips and short-term real estate projects. Investing in real estate as a long term project remains the safest form of investment, as a property’s value increases over time.

Montréal: The city to invest in.
Canada has many natural resources, a good economy, and political stability, that puts it in a privileged position to absorb and profit from immigration. Indeed, an extraordinary growth in population is expected in the next few years.
Montréal is a very attractive city for many foreigners, and Canadians from other parts of the country. We are a city which has seen its population increase greatly since 2013, and its economy once again thriving and stimulated.
Montréal, known for its excellent quality of life and low unemployment rate, is a very popular city to live in, work in, and in which to invest. Its schools are highly reputable, its political climate is stable, and it feels safe.
Montréal has recently seen a surge in development projects, both planned and executed, to meet the demands of its growing population. 

As long as there is a demand, real estate investment will remain a safe bet, when the market is frenzied or when it isn’t. A property will always increase in value over time.
Our team of specialized brokers keeps their vision locked on the market. We will advise you so that you can find the right home, the right investment, the right opportunity, the right neighbourhood, and the right community to meet your specific needs. Whatever your real estate project, we will advise you on its profitability.

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