To employ the services of a property manager or not? A question every property owners has to eventually confront.

Gestion M, is a young, energetic and professional team, passionate about bringing you peace of mind, and increasing the profitability of your real estate asset.

Always attentive to your needs, we are committed to working in your best interest.

With Gestion M, your property will be properly cared for, and deliver consistent value well into the future.

“ My previous experiences have taught me to use my time and the resources allocated to me efficiently. My sense of anticipation allows me to accurately anticipate the needs of my clients. My commitment is to protect their interests with integrity. My expertise is at their disposal, to offer them tailor-made solutions, and unparalleled customer experience. I remain available at all times. ”

Felycia O. Leduc, Manager | Founder



Trusting Gestion M to manage your building will bring you peace of mind, while allowing you freedom from the day-to-day constraints, and ensure:

  • Proper and regular maintenance of the property.
  • Optimal preventative maintenance, and improvements to the quality of the property.
  • Repairs and renovations carried out using cost-effective, and sustainable solutions.
  • Quick response in case of any incident, and effective response to the tenant(s).

Rest assured, we take care of everything!

Contact us for a tailor-made management of your property.


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