We’ve seen a lot of changes in the real estate market over the past few years;

Prices rose over all, with some fluctuation, including a couple of downward adjustments in response to interest rate policy changes. 
Visiting a property went from buyers waiting in line, to sellers rolling out the red carpet. 
Sales volumes fluctuated so much that an incredible number of new brokers entered the business, and at least the equivalent number left; this in only the span of twenty-four months.

But, these have not been the only changes. What it takes to perform as a broker has shifted even more:
The need for multiple channels of media to effectively promote real estate, has skyrocketed; and, the skills to stay on top are not the same as they were pre-’19/’20.
Speaking on camera, a creative team producing videos showcasing new listings, not to mention executing these activities at a high frequency are undeniable pre-requisites to entering or staying at the top of this business.
We started early, and we see the benefits for our clients, no matter the climate. And, building on this is why our entire team recently travelled to New York to meet with none other than the media king: Ryan Serhant. 
In his offices, he showed us around the state-of-the-art in communication for clients in the new real estate reality, and what it means to truly go the extra mile to offer real estate services beyond their wildest expectations. 
Well into the Spring selling and buying frenzy, it is with great excitement that we return, ready to take our Équipe Mark-André Martel brand to the next level; we will combine targeted marketing and intelligent exposure to meet our clients’ needs, with our number one expertise: Local knowledge!

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