Enchanting Bubble Rooms


What is Bubble Rooms?

Bubble Rooms is a micro-event concept, creating “escape magic” from the intermittent limits of the same few spaces we are each contained within. For the moment, the event is reserved to “bubbled” couples and families. As things open, the “Bubbles” too will inflate to larger groups of eight people per room “venue”.

Who is Bubble Rooms?

We are event-geneers. I’m Audray Blais, and I specialize in large-scale decor for events, normally, of a minimum of 750 people. With the new social context, I was inspired to rethink what I’ve always done: Bringing happiness and whimsey to people, for an evening. So, I joined forces with Audrey Proulx, the owner of a talent agency; and, Pierre Béliveau, a gifted DJ and music producer. Together, we conceived of and created Bubble Rooms.

Who is Bubble Rooms for?

Bubble Rooms is for all those who want to dress up and get out into some unfamiliar and energetic spaces.
Bubble Rooms have appeal for anyone in search of a good time in an unusual setting. Bubble Rooms are stimulating spaces made for anyone who wants a well-deserved break from the flat currents of the moment.

Why is Bubble Rooms?

To create Bubble Rooms, we have converted hotel rooms into funky private spaces. Each space has a unique decor, with a distinct atmosphere and personality. At the time of your reservation, a room will be recommended to you based on your tastes and desires. We will also recommend the type of alcohol that best complements the experience of the theme, of your chosen space. You will be in charge of bringing your own alcohol, and we will take care of the rest: mixology, background music, meal service, live DJ, and many other activities that you can enjoy throughout the evening!

How is Bubble Rooms?

Bubble Rooms exceed the hygienic standards required by the government for hotels, with one group admitted per night, body temperatures taken on arrival, and mandatory health declarations.
In addition, security will remain on-site to ensure that everything remains in compliance with regulations; but, fun.

When is Bubble Rooms?

Bubble Rooms is scheduled to launch Friday, February 26, at ZERO1 Hotel, in Montréal. The Bubble Room package includes the Bubble Party, as well as your room for the night in the ZERO1.

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