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“MYTH” 1

I have received an excellent appraisal on my property, so…

I will be able to sell it at a high price. I will have no problem buying a new, smaller property. I will save the extra money for my retirement.


This approach is feasible; however, there are three factors to consider…

1: What will be the net profit on the sale of the property? (Net profit = sale price – selling expenses – current mortgage)

2: The price of the smaller property is probably more expensive than you imagine.

3: The new mortgage.

* In case you need a mortgage for the purchase of your new property, please read MYTH 2 carefully.

“MYTH” 2

I have a lot of equity in my property, so…

I don’t need a bank pre-approval to purchase my new property.


Banks do not lend based on equity, but based on the stability and level of your annual income.

In other words, if you have insufficient income, a bank will not lend you the money for your purchase.

This would mean you will have to complete the sale of your property before you could begin the process of buying your next property.

In case you have been thinking of making an offer conditional on the sale of your property, please ensure you read MYTH 3 carefully.

“MYTH” 3

I found a new property that I like, so…

I’m going to make an offer to buy this new property, conditional on the sale of my current property.


In today’s real estate market, an offer conditional to the sale of your current property will be rejected 99% of the time.

It is best to work out your sale and purchase strategy with your real estate broker, who will be able to implement a variety of tailored tactics and strategies to sell your current property and secure your next one, while ensuring a worry-free transition from one to the other.

“MYTH” 4

After selling my property, I will rent for a year or so. So…

Then I’ll buy my next property.


If your goal is to buy once your current property is sold, it is important to keep in mind that after renting for a period, your purchasing power will have decreased, and it will become even more difficult to buy in the current real estate market.

We therefore advise you to buy a property as quickly as is possible, assuming this was your intention from the start. Delaying only sees your purchasing power diminish over time.

“MYTH” 5

After selling my property, I’ll just find a great rental property at a lower monthly cost, so…

It’ll be cheaper and easier than if I had bought a new property.


It is important to keep in mind that in today’s growth real estate environment, rental prices have also increased, and continue to increase.

Quality rentals are now quite expensive.

“MYTH” 6

I want to sell my property; but, I don’t see anything for sale that I like, so…

I don’t know if I’ll ever find the property that meets my needs.


In the last two years we have had record numbers of sales. There are a lot of properties that come on the market, and sell regularly.

However, as quickly as they come available on the market, they are sold. This is why the number of properties shown for sale in your Centris search appears quite low.

One important part of your real estate broker’s role is to advise you. It is also to optimize searches for properties which suit your needs, including type, price, area, value, etcetera. Your real estate broker is your resource and your advocate; your broker does the simple but time-consuming work of keeping an eye out for any listings that might interest you. They will provide you their experience and expertise, and guide you in developing the ideal strategy to lock down that perfect property.


Whether you are interested in selling, buying or renting, we have a full belt of tools we’ll use on your behalf to get you exactly what you are looking for.

It all starts with a very pleasant meeting with your prospective Équipe Mark-André Martel real estate broker; an initial consultation which will clarify your real estate goals, and your real estate needs.

Reach out. We are your neighbours now, or in the near future; and, we’re the only call you need.


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