CŪRATA, sustainable luxury, Montréal


Cūrata founder Serena Rogers set out to synthesize sustainability with the most fundamental luxury. She brings us a line for body care, developed and handmade in Montréal.
We recently sat down with Serena, a proud business woman and new mama, to discuss her products, built around the needs of women, busy and stylish, to create bubbles of pleasant relaxation in their lives.

Q: How long has Cūrata been operating for?
A: We soft-launched Cūrata in mid-2018. Officially, we fully launched in June teenth 2018.

GREENPRINT: What was the catalyst for you creating the company?
Serena: Soap and a quote.
I was motivated to launch Cūrata by my own passion for bathing, and self-care, along with the quote: “Ayear from now you’ll wish you started today.” That thought really motivated me to jump in with both feet.
After spending years in a career in hospitality and wellness project management, I wanted to create something special to share with like-minded women who were seeking decadence, without doing harm tothe planet. Sustainable luxury, to me, is all about feeling your best, thanks to products that are better forus individually, and for the world we share collectively.

GREENPRINT: Describe your line to us, and the specifics of a few of your favourite products.
Serena: Cūrata marries body care with pure botanical perfumery, to create daily rituals for contemporary women. Yes, we’re all busy, which is all the more reason why we deserve, and need, to take a few moments to pamper ourselves. We are in the process of launching our newest products, which are lovely vegan, cold process, handmade soaps, after almost a year of planning. They are simply divine, and they make great gifts for the ethical consumers. Every Cūrata experience is designed to transform routine into cherished rituals, infused with irresistible natural elegance, ethically.

GREENPRINT: What makes these products special to your clientele?
Serena: Our products offer our clients outstanding sensorial, safe, and decadent body care experiences,indulgent of the senses, without negatively impacting health or the environment. We believe that true luxury should not only make women feel good, but help them do good for themselves and the widerworld. That’s why all of our ingredients are MADE SAFE and PETA certified, thoughtfully sourced, ethically made, and biodegradable.

GREENPRINT: Why choose the Cūrata line?
Serena: Too often, beauty products are positioned as the solution to a problem. We don’t want to fix women; we want to celebrate women. Whether it’s a line here, or a dimple there, nothing is more alluringthan a life well-lived. We want to help women live those lives better.
A little goes a long way.
Our products revitalize and repair skin with nutrient-rich, ultra-absorbent, lipid-restoring, botanically derived ingredients, carefully chosen for their specific chemical compositions. For many of us, we focus almost exclusively on our faces but neglect the rest of our bodies during our beauty regimens. Cūrata products give skin below the neck as much attention and care as our faces, with specific, targeted moisture and nutrition. We only select ingredients that are high in essential fatty acids like omega-3 andomega-6 (gamma-linoleic or oleic acids) as well as vitamins A, E, and C, essential amino acids, and betacarotene, to name a few.

GREENPRINT: Who is typically drawn to your products?
Serena: Women who are serious about sustainability, skin care and self-care; though a lot of men swearby our products, too!. We don’t make large batches, so every product is an experience to be enjoyed consciously by a select few women who value a harmony of quality and purpose. Our Cūrata clients are well-heeled, well-traveled bon vivants, who demand well-crafted, luxury products and experiences suited to their healthy lifestyles, and enlightened tastes.

GREENPRINT: Where is Cūrata based?
Serena: Montréal, Canada.

GREENPRINT: Where are Cūrata products made?
Serena: All of our products are handmade in Montréal.

GREENPRINT: What is the philosophy behind Cūrata?
Serena: The name ‘Cūrata’ has Latin roots, meaning to care for, or to restore. This notion is infused not only into our ethos, but into every elegant experience through cherished salves that celebrate women. Wealso believe in sustainable luxury, uncompromising quality, and never compromising our ethics. This movement is growing fast and is much larger than just beauty. With Cūrata, sustainable luxury has been part of our unique formula since day one.

CŪRATA is now yours to experience in person at GanK boutique, or online at curatabeauty.com.

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