2021.04.04. Four ways to make your property most appealing to buyers.
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So you want to sell; but, is your property ready?
Don’t fret: The time is right. The market is sizzling. Below is all you need to get started on the right foot!

Four ways to make your property most appealing to buyers in 2021 Montréal’s real estate market:

Experienced Agent

Work with an experienced real estate agent who has an in-depth understanding of your neighbourhood’s real estate market. Your realtor will conduct comparative market analysis and devise the right strategy to list your property competitively, as well as help you negotiate the best deal, navigate through counteroffers, and efficiently guide you through the closing process and avoid potential pitfalls.
Your realtor also has the resources to give your property exposure to thousands of potential buyers.

Property Format

In other terms, bear in mind that a two-bedroom property will be more appealing to buyers than a one-bedroom property. A three-bedroom property will be more appealing than a two-bedroom property; and so on. In today’s market context, buyers are in need of additional rooms they can convert into a home office, or a home gym, or other complex uses often left as an afterthought in past market conditions. As both children and parents are now working and studying from home, more people realize and require the importance of having a dedicated workspace at home. The days of utilizing the dining table as a workspace  have proven not to be an attractive long term solution. Staging a room or area as an office, for home buyers to see the clear potential, can be key to the sale of your property. Exercising from home has also become increasingly popular. If you have an insulated garage, spare bedroom, or unfinished basement, you may be able to make value leaps in your home “asset” by transforming these into usable spaces.

De-Clutter. De-Clutter. De-Clutter.

De-cluttering your home will make it look presentable, as well as creating a more flexible canvas for the visions and imaginations of prospective buyers. Believe it or not, reductions in the collections of functional, lovely, and meaningful objects that make your home feel warm in person, will make it possible for outsiders to see how spacious and functional the home will be for them. Less items, especially your personal items, in bedrooms, hallways, kitchen, bathroom, etcetera, will allow for visitors to project themselves into the space. And, in professional photographs the minimalist approach will evoke value created in the minds of buyers through associations with the æstheticas and visual language of lifestyle branding, as it is currently pushed. This means you will be piggy-backing on the massive marketing dollars being spent constantly to reinforce modernism, and minimalism, without your own “ad budget”. Consider hiring a professional stager to advise you on how best to organize or stage your spaces, prior to listing. They can even provide objects and furnishings if needed.

Outdoors Extend Home

Invest in your outdoor square footage, and extend your living space. The yard and extended living areas are a factor on the home buyers’ minds, more than ever. They are the new outdoor escape; the primary place for people to easily take advantage of fresh air, meals, social interactions. Outside of the home’s four walls, but still a personal space; this is a high value in a home, and less capital intensive than many other improvements. Buyers are looking for existing patios and/or gardens; or, spaces to create one.
Do not hesitate to tackle your own DIY outdoor space renovation; or, you can get in touch with a landscape architect.

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