Discover: PSCTATTOO, Pointe-Saint-Charles

PSC’s history runs deep; in part, it runs through the "Pointe" of a tattoo motor. The continuity of the Pointe-Saint-Charles neighbourhood is part of the continuity of Canada, and of North America.

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Happy holidays

Happy Holidays to you! Our loyal clients and partners.

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Architecture: The language of space. The language of home. Atelier Général, Montréal [Naylor + Plourde]

Architecture: The process, and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings, and other structures. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art.

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Discover: Perles et Paddock, in Griffintown

It's a beautiful summer afternoon in Montreal, and we have an appointment with Maxime Perrault, co-owner of Perles and Paddock, a new trendy address in the city.

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Renovate Your Property Through the Rénoclimat Program

Are your heating bills too high? Do you feel a constant draft? Are your floors cold? The Rénoclimat program can help you reduce your energy consumption in the long term while improving the comfort level of your home.

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Building Wealth
The Tradition of Thoughtful Real Estate Portfolio Building Part I

There is no wrong time to begin working on your real estate portfolio; but the longer you wait to plant, the longer you wait to harvest.

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A Retrospective of the 2017 Montréal Real Estate Market

2017 was one of the busiest years in real estate in Montreal, as the numbers attest:

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What Your Real Estate Broker Actually Does

Based on what is depicted on mainstream TV shows like Million Dollar Listing, one might think the job of a real estate broker consists of driving around town showing properties, doing brokers’ caravans, all the while sipping on champagne, eating caviar, and engaging clients with an extroverted over the top personality. 

Although these activities are not mutually exclusive, they don’t really satisfy the customer’s bottom-line. If you ever wondered what real estate brokers really do for their clients, here is a breakdown.

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Four Tips for a Successful Purchase

Combined with the offer to purchase, the bank’s pre-approval is a powerful tool to show the strength of your proposal. This serves as proof to the seller, in writing, that you are solvent and will be able to follow through with the financing.

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Buyers’ Delighted, Living Well in Southwest Montréal

For many, becoming the owner of a single family home in Montreal is an unrealistic goal. In fact, the exponential rise in prices in the metropolitan area over the past years has forced a number of buyers to abandon their dream of being able to one day combine family and urban life. Recently, however, thanks to the revitalization in the less central neighbourhoods, this scenario has started to change!

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A Unique Real Estate History

A Prosperous Industrial past
The Pointe-Saint-Charles neighbourhood has a fascinating history.  The start of its development dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, with the building of several maritime canals, including the Lachine Canal. This last project, which allows the circumventing of the Lachine rapids, announces an even more ambitious one: the St. Lawrence Seaway, which will offer unmatched access to North American lands and the Great Lakes.

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How to Determine the Market Value of Your Property

Determining the right selling price for your property is quite a challenge: as an owner, you may not make an objective assessment of your property.  Do not forget that the listed price of a property is of capital importance! Too high a price will keep potential buyers away, and if it remains too long on the market, it could suggest major problems related to the state of your home.

So how should you go about it?

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