Renovate Your Property Through The Rénoclimat Program

Are your heating bills too high? Do you feel a constant draft? Are your floors cold? The Rénoclimat program can help you reduce your energy consumption in the long term while improving the comfort level of your home.

The Rénoclimat program is a government program that provides homeowners with financial assistance to carry out energy efficiency renovation projects on their single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes and small buildings with 4 to 20 units. The program will be available until March 31, 2021, and would allow you to benefit from a tax credit of up to $ 10,000.

Please note that some of the renovations that do not qualify for the Rénovert tax credit, may be eligible for the tax credit given for residential wastewater treatment system upgrades. In effect since March 2017, this credit can reach up to $ 5,500 per qualifying home.

Here are the steps to follow, that will allow you to benefit from the Rénoclimat program:

  1. Head to the Transition énergétique Québec website to request your initial evaluation. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you receive an evaluation before starting your renovations, in order to be eligible for financial assistance.
  2. A Rénoclimat energy advisor will come to your home to carry out a pre-work energy evaluation of your home. Discuss your energy efficiency renovation plans with the advisor. He will calculate the EnerGuide rating of your home and send you an evaluation report containing energy efficiency recommendations.
  3. Once you have received the evaluation report, make sure to follow the stated recommendations, to guide you through your renovations.
  4. Hire a certified contractor to carry out the work.
  5. Once the renovations have been completed, contact your advisor again to obtain the post-work energy evaluation of your home. The Rénoclimat advisor will come to your home to assess the improvements and calculate its new EnerGuide rating. Your cheque for financial assistance will then be mailed to you.

The following is a list of renovation projects that are eligible for financial assistance under the Rénoclimat:

  • insulation work;
  • work affecting your home’s air tightness;
  • replacing doors and windows;
  • installing or replacing mechanical systems (ventilation system, water heater, heat pump, geothermal heating system).

You may obtain assistance from the Rénoclimat program more than once for the same home. However, you must carry out different work each time you participate.

Happy renovations!

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