Five exclusive units, in an intimate building,
located in a unique enclave of Pte-Ste-Charles.

LECINC provides five essential elements
for true quality of life:

\ Nature and \\ Fresh Air,
with its boundless surroundings of green spaces, and tree-filtered air.

\\\ Water and \\\\ Serenity,
flowing directly from the River, to the Canal, to your felicity.

\\\\\ Magnetic Energy,
drawing you out, to the infinite variety of daily activities, footsteps from your home.

At LECINC, you will quickly find yourself in
perfect synchronization with your environment,
your lifestyle, and your living space, just steps from the downtown core.


º\ Whether flying solo, or partnered up...
enjoy an enviable contemporary living space, in one of the city's
most sought-after neighbourhoods: Pte-Ste-Charles, right across the canal from Griffintown.

º\\ Whether you enjoy waking up with the first rays of the sun, or you prefer to bathe in complete calm...
opt for a layout that will exceed your desires.

º\\\ Comfortably seated, front row on the Sud-Ouest...
you will enjoy as many sunrises, or sunsets, as you can stand.

º\\\\ Everyone winding up, or down, with nightcaps at your place? Your new space:
It happens to occupy a full floor of your boutique building...
will accommodate your crowd.

º\\\\\ That relaxing walk by the water? That can happen at your leisure...
at the drop of a hat.


An endless mesh of paths, parks, and the trendiest bars and bistros in town. LECINC is located ideally to keep you fit, connected, entertained, and constantly restored.

Yoga, jogging, brunch, concerts, skating. Bocce, kayaking, picnics, markets, biking. Shopping, cafés, bars, theatre, galleries. Trendy, antique, kitsch, vintage, art...
all your undiscovered favourites await.

Minutes from HWY15, HWY10, the Atwater and Wellington thoroughfares, the Victoria bridge, and the new REM.

Pte-Ste-Charles and its surroundings do not require any polishing; their reputation is on Montréal’s lips...

And now: You live in the heart of it all.


Make an appointment with one of our LECINC REPS:
\ 514-439-7663

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